About Maria

"To see in color is natural; to see in black and white is magic!" 

It took me a long time to just say to myself or even outloud for that matter that, "I am a photographer."  Doesn't seem like a lot to say, but I always thought one had to know everything about the subject to become one.  And that just isn't so.  We all learn along the way. 

PRIVATE GALLERIES:     Beginning in 2003, I began showing in galleries in the Sacramento Area and continued with some success through 2010.  I moved up to the foothills north of Sacramento in 2005 and in 2010 joined a co-op called "High Hand Gallery" located in Loomis, CA.  I have to say that this has been my best venue to-date as far as exposure and success.  I have been there now going on four years.  Throughout the Sacramento and Auburn/Loomis exposure I have had many recognized exhibits which is always exciting.  Participating in art shows is fun where you are always meeting new people and other artists.  

MY PROCESSES:     In regards to my processes, I had my own studio  with a darkroom built by my husband in 2010.  I use 400 TMAX B&W film which is still available.  I have always had to depend on labs to process my film for me.  That in itself was a process - if they didn't print the image the way you saw it, they had to go back to the drawing board - or darkroom in this instance.  I had my ultimate dream come true having my own darkroom and it was a lot of fun.  Early on I learned to cut mats as well as frame my artwork.  However, we moved, and I recently ended up donating my darkroom equipment to a young photography student.  It actually felt good knowing someone else was going to realize their dreams!  

ADDITIONAL ARTWORKS:  In addition to continuing with my photography,  I have been painting from my photos now.  I will be adding some of these images of my paintings in the galleries too.

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