Photography has always been my favorite pastime as a teenager.  Through the years I continued taking photos - mostly family photos and places I visited.  Then in the late 90's or so my friends would comment and say, '...this is a great shot - why don't you make it bigger!'.  And that my friends was the beginning of my career so-to-speak of Maria Soto Photography.  This is my second website to date.  Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy the images!

The majority of my photographic images in the past have been black and white film.  Several years ago when digital was new I played around with a little compact Pentax.  I have since progressed to digital photography as a 'second' form of capturing life.  So when I ventured out I was carrying two cameras.  It can be tiring after many days, but well worth it.  I normally see in black and white - looking for the shadows and contrasts, the story to tell.  Black and white photography says so much to me.  It immediately represents a documentary of a place in time.  With the take-over of digital photography, many friends have gifted me with their old film cameras which I'had accepted with deep gratitude.  For film I used my Minolta SRT 201 for over 35 + years.  For my digital camera I chose a Canon EOS T3i (and several upgrades later) mainly on the 'weight' issue - which is nil to none.

My specialty has mostly been black and white film photography, and now includes digital black and white images.  Both mediums are used to capture landscapes and historical places.  I also capture color images, just because sometimes life looks great in color!  I will be adding color images along the way.


Enjoy your time spent here with me and hope to hear from you too!

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