Artful Journeys Book by Maria Soto

Coming Soon...

I've been busy writing a book over the last two years.  It had been a project 'on my mind' for several years.  When life was changing for me, I needed something to help me stay focused.  The book project was just what I needed.  ARTFUL JOURNEYS features 13 current artists pursuing varying mediums of art.  I set out to interview these artists who had inspired me in my own journey of photography and painting.  I've always believed in sharing information that I have learned - it's the right thing to do!   While interviewing them, I also photographed them in their studios while they were creating their art.  This project was a way that I could showcase my B&W photography work while documenting the artwork of these 13 talented artists and their specific journey.

It is currently with the publisher as I write this today, Febuary 19, 2021.  Stay tuned for updates!!



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